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Elegant, Classy Sex Toy Parties, Classes, Workshops, and Sex Coaching to Make it a Sexier World! 

At Entice Me, we educate and entice men, women and couples to have more pleasurable, healthy, and fulfilling sex lives, either with or without a partner. We are the Little Black Dress of Pleasure. It is our mission to make sex a topic that is comfortable to talk about so that we all have the best sex lives possible. It is time that talking frank about sex is no longer taboo.

Intimacy coachingOur Personal Intimacy and Sensuality Coaching can help with issues like communication, body image, sex shaming, religious guilt, confidence and much more, so that you can have the most rewarding life possible!! Book your Discovery Session now!
Sex Toys These are not the sex toys of yesteryear. There are so many new innovations that our line is always evolving. We support local, small business and Made in the USA, whenever possible. We only carry body-safe, non-toxic products. The majority are medical grade and rechargeable. You will not find any phthalates, glycerin, parabens or propylene glycol in what we carry. Gift Certificates Available. Start Shopping!
Girls Night Out Sex ToysOur Soirées are a great time to get together with your friends and have some fun while talking about sex. We excel at providing Sexucation and helping everyone feel comfortable talking about a subject that is often uncomfortable or even considered taboo. Host a Soirée and earn Pleasurist Credits, for FREE items! Schedule your Soiree Today!
Sex Toys WorkshopOur Séminaires delve deeper into a topic of choice, at a small fee per person. At the Séminaire, a Sexinista provides training and tips, in a professional workshop format. Find out more!

Entice Me is passionate about the ingredients and materials you put in your body, so ALL of the sexual accessories and products we have curated for you are safe, healthy and non-toxic. Entice Me Soirées is the PREMIER company to bring an exclusively non-toxic product line directly to your home, where you feel most comfortable. We have THE strictest, most discerning ingredient standards in the industry. Our luxury, ultra-fashionable HauteToys are the highest quality and most sophisticated sex toys on the market, from the most reputable manufacturers. They are pretty enough to be left out and not be embarrassed if your friends see them… then again, they will probably want one too!

Through our Sexy Soirées, Séminaires, and Online Boutique, we bring sassy and classy Sexucation directly to you. You’ve heard of Girls’ Night Out, Pleasure Parties, or Sex Toy Parties. We are different than the ones with which you may be familiar. We focus on sexual education and confidence as well as adding sexual wellness products to your sex life to make it the best it can be, either with or without a partner.

We share Tips, Techniques and Sexy Secrets at our events to improve life, both in and out of the bedroom. We believe sex is a natural, vital part of life and should be enjoyed and talked about!

Call us now at 714-386-9684 to book a Soirée or email us at Make sure to stop by and shop at our special, curated online Boutique!

Thanks for helping us Make It A Sexier World!

We currently present our Sexy Soirée Sex Toy Pleasure Parties in  Los Angeles, Long Beach, Hollywood, Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Temecula, Palm Springs, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Diego, California; , Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada; Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Are you looking for an upscale Bachelorette event? We can come to Las Vegas for your event! We are currently seeking Sexinistas® across the country!

We are also passionate about giving back and changing lives! We give a portion of all credit card sales to Sexy Survivors®, an organization helping people with intimacy after experiencing traumatic events.