About Our Products


At Entice Me, we want to make shopping easy and stress-free. We know that the sheer number of products can be overwhelming.  If shopping online, this can be daunting. If shopping at a retail location, it can feel uncomfortable.

We are available for private consultations on the phone, via Skype or in person, to best determine your needs and the correct products for you. Because we can’t carry everything, we enjoy researching and finding products that you are specifically looking for and we can special order anything your heart desires.

We think you will be impressed by the quality and design of the products we feature.  These are not the sex toys of yesteryear. There are so many new innovations, our line is always evolving.  We support local, small business and Made in the USA, whenever possible.  We are proud to offer our products at competitive prices and if you are finding something at a much lower price, please let us know and also be aware of counterfeiters.  We want you to be happy with your purchases and we stand behind the quality of our products. The majority of our items carry at least a One-Year Manufacturer Warrantee.

We believe in taking care of yourself sexually… in a healthy, safe way. The majority of our HauteToys are rechargeable (remember, a battery sits in a landfill forever). We also believe in chemical- free and organic, when possible.

We have done extensive research and you will not find any of the following in our product line:

Phthalates (pronounced THAY-lates) are a chemical compound added to plastic to make it soft and flexible.  They are commonly used in the production of sex toys to provide a realistic feel. Both in very inexpensive jelly toys and high end skin-identical toys.
However, sex toys that contain phthalates can cause sensitivity and irritation when used on delicate tissues.  More seriously North American and European countries have taken steps to ban their use in children’s toys –  but not in adult toys.

Parabens are chemical preservatives used widely throughout the beauty industry.  You can find them in your toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, shave gel, lipstick and personal lubricants. Some studies suggest that parabens, once absorbed through the skin, act like estrogen possibly increasing the chances of developing estrogen-dependent conditions. In fact, it has recently been reported that 99% of Breast Cancer Tumors contain Parabens.

Glycerin is related to glucose (i.e. sugar).  It’s regularly added to flavored personal lubricants to sweeten them.  However, when used vaginally, glycerine can cause yeast infections because sugar is food for yeast! Yikes! Because it is sugar, it is often why lube feels sticky.

Propylene Glycol  is a faintly sweet and colorless, clear, viscous liquid that’s derived from natural gas (sounds sexy, doesn’t it?). It can be found in many products including moisturizers, toothpaste, mouthwash, and medications, in addition to many edibles such as cake mix, salad dressing, and fat-free ice cream. But also in some antifreeze products! Its low oral toxicity (meaning it won’t badly harm you if ingested), could irritate your eyes, and burn your skin.