The Gender Wage Gap

Sunday night at the Academy Awards, Patricia Arquette rallied for equal pay for women. This is a topic that I speak about often, and is the subject of my keynote speech, Sexy from the Bedroom to the Boardroom- Bridging the Gender Wage Gap. We have come a long way since […] Read more »

Pegging – All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

I have to admit when I heard Ruby Ryder’s latest podcast that featured some questions about strap-on play from a UCLA gal, I was quite impressed. I have been saying that the younger men are much more open to and interested in ass play than men my age, even though […] Read more »

I Haven’t Always Been a Sex Goddess Part 1

I haven’t always been a Sex Goddess. In fact, for a long time, I probably wasn’t even good at sex. I have, however, always been interested in SEX, had a high sex drive and a sexual mind. For most of my adult life I either wasn’t having much, or much […] Read more »

Self-Pleasure, Even I Forget How Great it is Sometimes!

I am an advocate for Self-Pleasure. It is my business and self-pleasure changed the way I saw myself, my body, my confidence and my relationships-both personally and professionally. I love to Procrasturbate, as Jon Stewart would say. In fact, lately I have found myself fighting the Proscrasturbation urge, being that […] Read more »

Give Barbie a Break

For years Barbie has been criticized for her shape and appearance. Recently, I have seen a more realistic “Barbie” that someone developed with human proportions. I do think the realistic version is adorable and makes a good “Skipper”, but she’s not Barbie. Barbie is an icon. She is also a […] Read more »