Welcome Back, Sex!

I usually have a few lovers laying around. Or more like around somewhere, when we can get to each other (it is LA, after all and nothing is close). We sext, we email, I am on Tinder occasionally, and I tend to have one or two in the pipeline. The […] Read more »

FAQs -The Entice Me Sexinista Opportunity

FAQS Your Sexinista questions answered! A successful Entice Me Business starts with YOU! This is a business and to be successful, I believe you have to treat it like a business. Yes, it is very rewarding to love what you do and get paid to do it, but it also […] Read more »

Hand Massage Hits the Right Spot

A Favorite Quick Tip! Non-sexual touching has been used as an erotic interlude since Masters and Johnson. These days we are starved for touch, more than ever. We live in cyberspace, buried in our devices. I urge you to connect with your lover tonight. Sometimes one or both of you […] Read more »

Free Condom Delivery!

How do you get free condom delivery? Shop at www.enticeme.com! Does it seem like you never have a condom when you are in the heat of the moment? We have a solution! Entice Me is now offering condoms, personal lubricants and any other of your favorite Entice Me products with […] Read more »

12 Tips for Being Safe on Tinder and Internet Dates

I don’t have much experience with long term dating or relationships, but I do have extensive experience in 1st dates, internet hook-ups and being Catfished. I don’t like dating, I much prefer sex. I suppose it is the small talk that I could do with out. It has always been […] Read more »

Pegging – All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

I have to admit when I heard Ruby Ryder’s latest podcast that featured some questions about strap-on play from a UCLA gal, I was quite impressed. I have been saying that the younger men are much more open to and interested in ass play than men my age, even though […] Read more »

I Haven’t Always Been a Sex Goddess Part 1

I haven’t always been a Sex Goddess. In fact, for a long time, I probably wasn’t even good at sex. I have, however, always been interested in SEX, had a high sex drive and a sexual mind. For most of my adult life I either wasn’t having much, or much […] Read more »

Self-Pleasure, Even I Forget How Great it is Sometimes!

I am an advocate for Self-Pleasure. It is my business and self-pleasure changed the way I saw myself, my body, my confidence and my relationships-both personally and professionally. I love to Procrasturbate, as Jon Stewart would say. In fact, lately I have found myself fighting the Proscrasturbation urge, being that […] Read more »

Give Barbie a Break

For years Barbie has been criticized for her shape and appearance. Recently, I have seen a more realistic “Barbie” that someone developed with human proportions. I do think the realistic version is adorable and makes a good “Skipper”, but she’s not Barbie. Barbie is an icon. She is also a […] Read more »

Make Money While Having Fun

Thank you for your interest in Entice Me®. We are currently expanding all over the country, looking for new direct sales representatives, which we call Sexinistas. It is my passion to empower women to be their own boss and create the life that they desire, in a fun, sexy way […] Read more »