Sexucation and Intimate Pleasure Parties in L.A. and Orange Counties by Entice Me

Host an Intimate Pleasure Soiree! Here are our FAQ’s:

How do I book a party?
Call or email us to reserve a date as soon as you can. Fridays and Saturdays tend to book up quickly, but we’re available to do a party for you any time you want. Sunday afternoons are a favorite of ours!

How far in advance do I need to book my party?
We book up fast and we want to give your guests plenty of time to “save the date”, so take that into consideration. But if we have an opening tomorrow and you can get people there, we can do it!

What is the cost for a Entice Me Intimate Pleasures Soiree?
There is no charge for our basic Intimate Pleasure HauteToy Parties. Our hostesses (Queens or Reines) earn free products based on the total sales the night of the party. However, Entice Me does require a $25 deposit to hold the date. We refund that $25 to you the night of the party in the form of a $25 credit towards your purchase when the party nets $300 in sales. If the party is less then $300, your deposit is given to the Sexinista to help defray her costs for your party.
For your deposit, you can pay on our website or on the phone by credit card or mail us a check. Our Seminaires are priced individually, so please see that section for individually priced workshops and minimums.

As a Hostess, what is expected of me?
You provide the place for the party and invite your friends. You can choose a theme, or not. Or check out our Sassy Box options for an all inclusive soiree. You or your Sexinista will send out an online invitation, so please get your guests’ email addresses. We prefer 10-15 women to guarantee a successful Intimate Pleasure party. We typically plan to be at your home for about 3 hours. We ask that you call each of your guests to remind them 1 day before the party. We will call you a few days before the party to remind you to confirm the number of guests so we are prepared with enough order menus and product inventory for your party. Where and when possible, we do like to have a room that either your Sexinista or your guests will move to once the presentation is complete so that orders can be taken discreetly and private instruction and questions can be addressed.
It is a good idea to have some cocktails or beverages to relax your guests before the party begins, and it is nice to have snacks and beverages for everyone while the order process is taking place, one on one.

Is there a minimum sales requirement?
No, but if the party sales are less than $300 then the $25 reservation fee will go to the Sexinista to cover costs of the party.

Are my guests going to be embarrassed by the products you demonstrate?
No, our presentation is very tactful and sexucation-based. Sex is natural and no one should be embarrassed. Our products are beautiful and not “gross” in any way. Many are “art” inspired so they can be left out at any time. We try to get all the giggles out of the way at the beginning so that we can talk in a candid, mature forum. Our parties are interactive and fun, but not cheesy or crass.

What can I expect from the Entice Me Soiree?
Our Sexinista will bring samples of lubricants, massage oils, accoutrements and HauteToys to explain and demonstrate! It is a very open forum and hands on experience. We will review each product, show it and pass it around. We talk about anatomy, the body and answer all questions. We will also bring boxes of new inventory so that your guests can buy and take home that night.

What can we expect during the presentation?
Our Sexinistas like to begin each party with a warm up or icebreaker to get your friends and guests in the mood for the presentation, and to dispel any myths and giggles. Be sure to let all of your friends and guests know that our Sexinistas will be making an educational and informative presentation and will teach you and your friends new ideas and techniques that may open your eyes to a new world of sensual, intimate excitement, pleasure and bedroom fun. She will go through all the products, demonstrate how each works, compare it to similar items and show how it is used on the body, in a very tactful way.

How many people are required to be at the party?
Entice Me prefers somewhere between 10- 15 guests. Be sure to over invite and tell your friends to bring a friend. We will call you a few days before the party to confirm the number of guests so we are prepared with enough order menus and product inventory for your party. See our Seminaires section for individual requirements.

What if I only know of 5 or 6 people to invite?
Ask everyone to bring a friend! Most of our products are in the $100 price range so you can still have a successful party with fewer than 10 guests, provided that everyone orders something. We ask that you have more guests, so that you earn more Hostess Credit!

Are there any themes that are better than others?
No, our Soirees can be for any age group from teens to grandmas. Our items are very high quality, and we have products in all price ranges. Most are going to last you for many, many years and are priced accordingly. An Entice Me Intimate Pleasure party is perfect for birthdays, divorce parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or just a gathering of girlfriends!

Is there a minimum age to attend?
No, we actually specialize in Mother/Daughter parties for teens and young adults and mothers. We realize that some mothers feel uncomfortable about talking about issues of a sexual nature, such as self-pleasure, with their daughters and we are here to help! Our sexucation style of presenting will help put everyone at ease We find that even younger girls have questions and are starting to “feel” things sexually about their bodies. We enjoy discussing this and showing how our HauteToys can be added into a healthy lifestyle for all ages. We have several HauteToys that are perfect “my first vibe”..

Do the toys come in the mail or do we take them home that night?
Entice Me realizes that most people do not want to wait for products they purchased at your Intimate Pleasure Party. However, we are no longer able to bring products to our Soirees, as we have grown. Items will be shipped directly to each guest, for privacy. Items usually arrive within about 10 days. Items will be in an unmarked box with a discreet return address. If there is an item that you know for sure that you or your guests would like, we can attempt to arrange to bring stock of those items.

Where do you take orders?
Each guest will receive an order sheet to mark the items she likes as we go through the presentation. It is simple to read and has pictures for a reminder. We then like to move to another room or have the party move to another room once we are finished with the presentation so that each person can make their order with our Sexinista. Staying close to our products will allow us to demonstrate more thoroughly or answer any additional questions in a private setting. It is also nice to be in a private area for purchasing and bagging up of the products purchased, for discretion.

How long does the presentation last?
Depending on your theme or requests, the presentation of the products can last between 1 and 2 hours. We also like to plan for about another hour for the order taking. If there are over 20 people, the party and the orders may take a little longer. Due to the amount of time it takes us to set up and break down, we find that we are at most parties between 3 and 4 hours total.

What if we are planning a party for a bridal shower or bachelorette party?
Great! An Entice Me Intimate Pleasure party is perfect for bachelorette parties and bridal showers! However, we would like to politely request that you ask your guests not to bring shower or other gifts to your party. We can set up a gift registry with the guest of honor using our party menu and have her circle items that she might be interested in. She can circle the items, give it to our Sexinista and when your friends come back to place their orders, they can purchase items off of her registry as they are placing their own order.

We can bag those items separately so that your friends can present her with the items they purchased for her. We can also set up the party so that the guest of honor receives some or all of the hostess credit. The Sexinista that presents to your party can work out all of those details with you before the party.

Is it alright to have a stripper at a Entice Me Soiree?
Yes, but we prefer that you ask the stripper to come to your party after we have finished our presentation. For example, if you start the Intimate Pleasure Party at 7, we would like to request that you ask the stripper to show up at 10:30 or 11. That is normally enough time for a very fun, educational presentation and enough time for our Sexinista to complete the orders, and load her inventory back into her car before the strippers starts his or her show.

Does Entice Me do co-ed pleasure parties?
Generally, we find that most women attending pleasure parties prefer an ALL Women party. We find that women tend to feel more comfortable sharing their experiences and asking questions when there are no men present. However, see our Shared Sex link for couples parties. They are fun, interesting, and educational for all–we do recommend a minimum of 20 people at a Shared Sex party.

Where can I have my party?
We can come to your home or any location that you desire. We do require a space to set up a 4-foot table for our products. We can do parties any where your heart desires- beauty salons, dance studios, photo shoots, gyms, churches, restaurants with a private area, next to the pool- you name it! We can do parties inside or outside, depending on your needs and desires.

Are your products safe?
Yes! We have done extensive research on all the product lines that we carry. Please see the “Our Products” section for details on the chemicals and compounds that you will NOT find in our products. Many of our accoutrements (lotions, lubricants, etc) are also organic and Made in the USA. Our glass products, from Phallix glass, are also hand-made in the USA. Our products are the highest grades of pyrex, medical-grade stainless steel and pharmaceutical grade silicon, to mention a few.

What is your refund/exchange policy?
Due to the nature of the products, all sales are final. However, many of our products offer a manufacturer warrantee. We will be glad to assist you with the warrantee, shall any issues arise. In the rare case of an allergic reaction to one of our accoutrements, we would be happy to exchange to product for you.

Will my guests be able to find the same products other places, for a lower cost, as with other party plans?
We do our best to stay competitive in the marketplace. The majority of our products are actually lower than Manufacture Suggested Retail Price (msrp). While occasionally a product may be offered somewhere else at a lower price, it would be an exception, not a rule. We do not mark up our products due to the nature of our presentation plan, as you may find with other companies. We are a small independent, locally owned company, operated by women in Southern California. Plus many of our products are not widely available through other retailers in the area.