Afterglow Low Light Laser Intimate Massager


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The Vibrator in the 2015 Oscar Academy Award Gift Swag Bags! Afterglow was born from clinical trials utiliz

The amazing sex toy that is featured in the 2015 Academy Award Oscar Swag Bags! Using low-level laser energy to treat pelvic pain. These low-level lasers emit much less energy than a household lightbulb. During clinical trials, subjects began to experience improvements in their sexual responses. Subjects reported everything from arousal to better orgasms to even experiencing orgasms for the first time. This was a great and unexpected outcome. Now, users can experience the full Afterglow effect, with PulseWave technology, a pre-programmed 8-minute sensual journey with the touch of a button. With 15 different vibration modes and 85 different wave combinations to enjoy, the perfect stimulation setting will be easy to find.  Every Afterglow comes with a 1-year Warranty and Afterglow No-Fault insurance.

Feel like a Star, using this swag bag favorite!


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