Anal Beginners Kit


Curious about anal sex and activities but don't quite know where to start?


Our anal sex beginners kit will get you aroused and ready to go!

The tiniest little anal plug- The Candy Rimmer- Like the size of a little finger, but enough for a good start. Solid Silicone.

Luxe Anal Beads to graduate to- Solid Silicone beads with a variety of shapes and sizes- insert as many or few as you like…. remove as orgasming and it will rock your world!

Sliquid Sassy Anal Lubricant-A natural thick, water-based gel to use with toys or your lover.

Intimate Organics Anal Relaxing Spray- Uses essential oils to relax the area and prep for insertion. All natural and no numbing ingredients, which is important because your pain receptors tell you when to stop or slow down.

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