Fuze Velvet Dildo



The Fuze Velvet has an elegantly slim, semi-realistic design, the ideal choice for anyone who prefers a slimmer toy and the perfect choice for pegging. The stylized venous structure is pleasing to the eye, and even more pleasing to the touch. The distinct head adds stimulation and reduces the chances of the toy popping out unexpectedly during harness play. The semi-realistic design is great for the hetero-male who may want to explore anal play, but might be turned off by an ultra-realistic toy. And for lesbians who are interested in a slimmer dildo. The unique base snuggles nicely against the clitoris for added benefit to the wearer.

Every Fuze dildo is vibe compatible. When combined with your favorite removable vibe, vibrations spread equally across the base and along the shaft. Vibrations are shared between both partners, especially through the clitoral pad to the harness wearer. Fuze dildos are created using a softer silicone, allowing greater flexibility and versatility. They are compatible with the industry standard 16 to 17mm diameter vibe. Entice Me  and Ruby Ryder recommend the We-Vibe Tango! (Vibe is not provided with the toy.)

  • Shaft Dimensions 1″ x 5 3/4″
  • Velvet Surface- Matte Silicone

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