Here is what some of our clients are saying about us! We LOVE Testimonials and our Clients!!!Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Before my 1st Entice Me party, I kept experiencing yeast infections from the regular store-bought lube I’d been using. Since switching to the Sliquid Organic Lube, I haven’t had any since. I tossed all my old toys and lubricants immediately after the party-I am so glad Tiffany is shedding light on what’s really in store-bought lubricants and other “novelty” toys that we use daily.–Mistress Madison

Tiffany, We had a great time at the party. People have been talking about it for days. Thank you so much for a wonderful and educated experience. I will be passing the word around & I will be holding another party in a few months. A girl can never have to many toys.–April B.

Hey lady! Thank you so much for my bag of goodies!! Hubby brought me lunch…then I came home to find that he bought me fancy new shampoo and flowers. You are good for marriages…just sayin’–Melissa

Tiffany runs her business with such class! Her products and demonstration tied with her expertise and willingness to help others is unmatched. Any previous bachelorette party or adult party you’ve attended or hosted is nothing like the one from Entice Me. All of Tiffany’s “Sexinistas” are trained to be a reflection of her and Entice Me so that any customer that experiences a party or event has the same take away! Do yourself a favor and host a party and have not only a great time but be surprised by what you thought you knew :)–Barbi

I’ve attended “adult novelty” parties in the past. Entice me was a different experience. Tiffany, not only educated us about the wonderful unique products she has to offer, she educated us and gave us great tips on how to bring out our own sensuality while keeping the whole thing classy! I plan on going to another Entice Me Party very soon.–Nan